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The Classes

We have classes available for all breeds, ages and capabilities.

Is for all young puppies up to the age of 5 months. This class will help you through all the problems that make you wondre if you were mad to get that cute bundle.       
Biting-Chewing-Housetraining and so much more
When your puppy has completed Puppy Class you can then advance into the
Sit and wait
This is for puppies aged 5 months and over and is ideal as your puppy will only be mixing with other young dogs but the training will be more advanced as he approaches his teenage stage.
Is for all other dogs who have not had any training. This is for anyone who needs basic control of their dog, Jumping up, Pulling on lead, Won't come back when called, Barking and so much more.
This class will show you how to get your basic commands and most dogs attain their Bronze Award on completion of this course.
We also run a Silver and Gold class
     which is open to anyone who has got their Bronze or already has basic control of their dog and would like to further their training.
Advanced Class.
Play time in Advanced  Dogs go 10 pin bowling
Many people who attend our club enjoy it so much that they want to carry on training, for these or anyone who already has a well trained dog but would like to extend their training or perhaps just have fun with their dog, this is the class for you.
If you have decided which class you are interested in please Contact us to book a place or get more information.

North Yorkshire  BD23 1TT    , United Kingdom
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